Diana Lee - Registered Medical Herbalist at Ceridwen Herbs
Diana Lee - Registered Medical Herbalist at Ceridwen Herbs

Consultations and
further information

Consultations and further information

Diana Lee - Medical Herbalist

The first consultation will take between 1 and 2 hours. This consists of an extensive medical history, including current medication and diet. It may also include blood pressure, pulse, urine and physical examinations. Following this a diagnosis will be made and an individual prescription and treatment programme will be prepared for collection or posted. This may also include dietary and lifestyle advice.

A follow up consultation is usually recommended after two weeks. This and subsequent consultations will be shorter and at varying intervals depending on progress.

Appointments can be made to attend my clinics in Pyworthy, Bideford, Tavistock or Calstock. Home visits may also be arranged (these will incur a small additional charge). There may be some concessions and reductions are available for the treatment of children.

HERBAL HEALTH CHECKS - a short health check for existing and previous patients. Includes BP, urine, saliva etc analysis followed by a letter of analysis & recommendations. Special rate - £30. These are available in Pyworthy Bideford & Hartland & Tavistock - home visits by arrangement. If you are not a patient please enquire about a full consultation.

If you would like to book an appointment or discuss the suitability of herbal medicine as a treatment for you, please contact me. 2019 prices (pdf)


Missed appointments will be charged for (24 hrs notice of cancellation is required).

Herbs and Medicines

Herbal Medicine is a traditional way of treating many disorders and diseases through the use of plants.

It has been part of our cultural heritage for centuries. A healthy body is balanced and in harmony.

In my practice I look for the root or underlying causes of a chronic problem and treat this holistically. In this way the patient will regain and retain their health and vitality. Because everyone is unique apparently similar symptoms are likely to have different causes which is why it is vital to treat at this level rather than purely symtomatically.

Medicines will be prepared individually according to each patient's specific requirements. Plants are chosen for their unique properties. The flowers, leaves, roots, seeds and bark may all be used. Medicines will be in the form of a liquid tincture, capsules, teas or ointments.

My own organic herbs will be used where available. An initial prescription will be made up and instructions given for its dose etc. This will be assessed at the following consultation.

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